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Executive Search


We offer a bespoke service. We are not just headhunters who apply a generic corporate template. Every assignment is treated uniquely; historical experience and information is utilised, but as a part of a broader pattern of market coverage and fresh research.

By having a continuous dialogue with our clients about their aims, obstacles and opportunities, we aim to be in a position to act in a manner that is fully in context with their overall strategic and managerial requirements. 

The benefits of this approach are twofold. In the first instance it enables us to act for our clients in a more effective and expeditious manner. Secondly, knowing the level of trust entailed, and not being volume or transaction driven, allows us to advise our clients in ways that are balanced and objective, but which provides the most valuable and effective solutions to our clients overall needs.

We aim to approach each assignment in the round. We believe that only by approaching assignments mindful of our clients’ broader aims and in the context of their current position, can we add value and effectively recruit top executive and non-executive talent for them.